Social media as a PR layup won’t last

We are all media now.

Yes, thanks to social media, each of us distributes content to an audience.  Or, more precisely, we distribute to an audience quickly and easily, en masse, at all times.

To be fair, we’ve always had audiences.  It just took awhile, relatively speaking, to write them letters, or call them, or, [...]

Twitter Co-founder’s Square could disrupt retailers and give brands a new sales channel: friends

You know how sometimes you come across something that grabs you even if you don’t quite get it?  It’s right for something and you want it but can’t figure out why you need it or what you would do with it?  A couple sport coats waiting for their break-out moment from my closet [...]

Watch the Ad! No, Wait, Skip the Ad!

Two days ago CBS Interactive announced a new, more intrusive online display ad unit called “Lightbox” (above).? Today, Brian Morrissey at AdWeek reports Google’s going to make ads skip-able on YouTube (below).

We’ve seen this before.? In 1920 Dr. Dolittle encountered a new breed called the Pushmi-pullyu (pron. “push-me-pull-you,” below).? It went nowhere.? Coincidence?

Dr. [...]

Ads Suck Less On These Sites Than On Those (link to the OPA press release highlighting the new research)

All these years I thought it was the actual ADVERTISING that persuaded people to go buy my clients’ products.? Now, thanks to research by the OPA, I see that all I really need to do is put my ads in the right place [...]