Can video sites crack the original content code? HBO did.

You may have heard lately that online video sites like YouTube and Hulu are launching more original content.

Hard to resist, from their perspective.

Imagine having hundreds of millions of people come to your site every month to watch somebody else’s content.  In YouTube’s case, that somebody else is you and your pet videos.  On [...]

Not dead yet: too early to give up on an ad-supported web content model

(CW Network announces they’ll double their online ad load)

At the OMMA Global conference in San Francisco last week I saw a panel debate the “free vs paid” content model for big media.  The platform gave voice to a growing chorus singing the death of an ad-supported online content model.

But the conclusion [...]

Will Apple do to cable what it did to CDs? Talk about un-bundling…!

(Above:  Partial list of Time Warner Cable channel line-up for NYC)

Imagine selecting the 18 items you want at the grocery story and, at checkout, someone dumps 112 things you don’t want on the belt AND forces you to buy them.

You’d call the police.

Now, let’s talk about cable TV.

The average American household [...] saved my Saturday night but can it save itself? Please hurry.

(Above:  screen grab of ABC’s Modern Family, full-screen view, from

I’ve seen this movie before.  It doesn’t end well for everyone.

We moved to Brooklyn (Park Slope) this weekend from the Upper West Side.  Pick a cliche.  It fits.

Our cable TV was not working (shocker – we have Time Warner).  While I [...]