Growth Engine: Man, or Mushroom?

College.  Mushrooms.  Vegas.

Think you know where this story goes?  Hang on.

Two guys at Rensselaer Polytech Institute get seriously hooked on mushrooms. They just can’t stop thinking about how fungal mycelium bonds wood chips together.  Inspired, they work on new ways to use mycelium as a resin.

Four million dollars in grants later, Eben and [...]

Are sneaky eaters chipping away at environmental progress?

Frito-Lay is replacing Sun Chips’ biodegradable packaging with the old, near-eternal kind because, they say, the earth-conscious bags are too loud.


First, some “facts.”

The bags are apparently 28.57% louder than your basic plastic chip bag.  We know this because, during an official time out in the war on terrorism, an Air Force pilot pitted [...]