Social media as a PR layup won’t last

We are all media now.

Yes, thanks to social media, each of us distributes content to an audience.  Or, more precisely, we distribute to an audience quickly and easily, en masse, at all times.

To be fair, we’ve always had audiences.  It just took awhile, relatively speaking, to write them letters, or call them, or, [...]

From chatter to matter: the next wave of social media will get the network working for you!

It’s time for social media to get to work.

It’s nice to know when your birthday is, what diner you frequent, what you’re reading, whom you’ve seen and what you think about this and that.

There’s just one problem.  It’s all about YOU.

The next phase of social media will turn the tables.  It’ll put you [...]

Social media ROI: It’s 2010. Show me the money.

Social media may not be entirely full-grown, but it’s old enough to start paying its way.

When novel marketing practices emerge, they get funded by a sliver of the progressive marketing realm seeking first-mover competitive and publicity advantage.  These renegades forego basic metrics, conveniently, since they often don’t exist at birth.

When the Business Week [...]

I Smell Bacon! You Know When It’s (a) Real (smart social media campaign)

1)  Create a strong campaign idea (You Know When It’s Real), leading to a celebration of the food and, in this case, BACON!!  Turn (above) into a brand platform that drives people into a participatory (social media) experience (Turn Your Love For Bacon Into Cash — below).

2) Create games, contests and content [...]

Social Media — Caught in No-Man’s Land?

Traffic to social media sites is skyrocketing but ad spend on the same sites is declining? (see eMarketer report:

The numbers defy ordinary explanation.? Neither the recession nor the shortcomings of the social media sites can explain the massive gap between audience growth and ad spend decline.

I think social media is stuck in [...]