In the Digital Age, Good ‘Ole TV Looks Great

With the TV upfront ad buying season upon us, you might dismiss the spectacle as little more than a desperate diversion from another traditional medium fighting the digital tide.

That would be a mistake.

Imagine you’re one of those odd marketing ducks still trying to make people feel something different about your product.  [...]

Super Bowl yes. Super advertising no.

It’s Super Bowl time.  The ad community is lathering up for the “Oscars of the ad business.”

I’m setting my sights pretty low.

One person’s view, but Super Bowl ads lately have underwhelmed.  I’m trying to remember one now.  Oh yes, GoDaddy.  Well, I don’t remember the ad, exactly. I do know what GoDaddy does, [...]

Yahoo! Finally, a digital ad brands will love.

There’s been a lot said lately about what Yahoo! has done wrong.  Here’s something they’re doing right!

Yesterday, they introduced what they’re calling the Yahoo Living Ad unit for tablets.  Finally, someone is creating ad units that not only take advantage of what digital has to offer (rich, storytelling experiences AND interactivity), [...]

We need more VW “Darth Vader” ads, not more product shots

I love the Darth Vader VW commercial that just aired (click above to play).  It reminds me of what’s great about advertising when done well.  Hey, I just used the word “love” in the same sentence as “VW.”  What do you suppose that’s worth?

Not much, according to America’s best-known ad critic.

Imagine, you create [...]

Hyper-innovation: great for consumers, except for the advertising

You checked out the ads on TV these days?  Or, like, for the last couple years?

I guess by definition I’m asking folks over the age of 15.  Ask the younger crowd what they watch and see how “idiot” is spelled with just a gaze in reply, unless you’re asking about the last Glee [...]

New York Times and Cisco Hit Online Advertising Trifecta: Strategic, Useful and Disruptive!

If you haven’t already, you should check out today’s online version of the New York Times ( to see one of the best, most important developments in online advertising to date.

Today’s online edition features an expandable ad unit from Cisco (shown above) that hits a rare online advertising trifecta:  it is strategic, useful [...]

Don’t text pics of your junk. Get named a Best Ad by Creativity.

Ponder this:? what do you get when you mix a simple truth — that some texts are better left unsent — with an ingenious and hysterical creative concept involving Inside the Actor’s Studio’s James Lipton and his beard?

You get Y&R/NY’s very own Creativity “Best Ad” named in today’s AdAge online edition!? The campaign [...]

So Easy Even a Caveman, I Mean Algorithm, Could Do It

If only creating great advertising were as easy as matching the right color tops with bottoms.

Google announced last week their intent to buy Teracent (below), which claims to make better banner ads by swapping ad elements (words, pictures, that sort of thing) based on various factors like [...]

It’s Official: the Creative Matters

Shocker:? better creative drives better results in digital advertising — this from a new Dynamic Logic study ( You know we’ve taken our eye off the ball when only an “analysis of over 170,000 online creative executions” keeps us from cramming next year’s marketing platform into a six-frame banner ad.

The gazillion-dollar question is, [...]