I Smell Bacon! You Know When It’s (a) Real (smart social media campaign)

1)  Create a strong campaign idea (You Know When It’s Real), leading to a celebration of the food and, in this case, BACON!!  Turn wendys.com (above) into a brand platform that drives people into a participatory (social media) experience (Turn Your Love For Bacon Into Cash — below).

2) Create games, contests and content [...]

Are Your Tweets Good Enough For TV?

A 29-year-old with a 73-year-old dad posts funny things his dad says on Twitter, gets over 700,000 followers, a book deal and now a CBS sitcom.? Here’s the Twitter feed (warning, very adult language):? http://twitter.com/Shitmydadsays

We’ve seen talent and content cross media already, from TV to YouTube and back again, but this is the [...]