Why Highway Billboards Beat Web Banners for Brands

A client just asked me to scrap his banner ad campaign and move the money to highway billboards, and I didn’t try to stop him.

The campaign seeks to improve people’s perceptions of his brand, and even the lowly highway billboard beats banners for that. Internet ad extremists will grouse this is [...]

Brands should move banner money into spam and junk mail

The average response rate for junk mail is 1.38%.

The average click-through rate for marketing email is 6.64%

The average open rate for a thirty-second television commercial is…oh, right, we don’t measure TV spots that way.  Yet.

But that’s precisely how we assign value to ads on humankinds’ most immersive and engaging medium to date.

The average [...]

Yahoo! Finally, a digital ad brands will love.

There’s been a lot said lately about what Yahoo! has done wrong.  Here’s something they’re doing right!

Yesterday, they introduced what they’re calling the Yahoo Living Ad unit for tablets.  Finally, someone is creating ad units that not only take advantage of what digital has to offer (rich, storytelling experiences AND interactivity), [...]

You Can’t Measure Everything — Data is Killing Desire (and Big Brand Spending) on the Internet

Where there’s magic, there’s margin.  I learned this from Mitch Kurz, the one-time head of measurement-maniacal Wunderman before he left Y&R a wealthy man about a decade ago.

We were talking about technology.  The internet was upon us.  He recounted how technology innovators command premiums for a moment and then, as the invention gets [...]

Publishers dug the banner hole. Time to dig themselves out.

Photo Credit:http://www.flickr.com/photos/sofiakatariina/1593416193/

About a thousand of us watched a digital ad presentation recently, giant screen looming behind the speaker featuring that day’s Yahoo! home page.  “Who was the advertiser on that page?” the speaker asked as the slide faded a minute later.  Dead silence.  Nobody had noticed.

Whose fault is that?

I’ve heard [...]

Not dead yet: too early to give up on an ad-supported web content model

(CW Network announces they’ll double their online ad load)

At the OMMA Global conference in San Francisco last week I saw a panel debate the “free vs paid” content model for big media.  The platform gave voice to a growing chorus singing the death of an ad-supported online content model.

But the conclusion [...]

Advertisers Won’t Pay Much To Be Ignored, So Welcome A Better Mobile Ad Unit

More intrusive, engaging and pervasive advertising — now on our smart phones!

Crisp Wireless just launched a new product called “Adhesion” (clever name, right?) that stays with you as you scroll on your smart phone (see picture above).  That means the ad  stays more visible to the user for longer.  I love it!

I’m not [...]

New York Times and Cisco Hit Online Advertising Trifecta: Strategic, Useful and Disruptive!

If you haven’t already, you should check out today’s online version of the New York Times (nyt.com) to see one of the best, most important developments in online advertising to date.

Today’s online edition features an expandable ad unit from Cisco (shown above) that hits a rare online advertising trifecta:  it is strategic, useful [...]

Welcome the “Macrostitial” — Because the Real Money is in Emotion

Purists may hate this one but advertisers and publishers should love it:? an online ad that is really a mini website right on the page — letting people engage deeply with brands/products without ever leaving the ad.? I believe this is the future, and we will eventually see this type of advertising in [...]

Bigger Banners Are Inevitable (and Good), Part 2

(see? the above at:? http://www.federatedmedia.net/ourwork/adstamp/)

The real untapped opportunity for digital is persuasion.? That magical, hard-to-measure ability to get someone to FEEL something great about a product or brand.? It’s emotional.? Traditional media rules in this regard, thus far.? We can all think of a great TV spot.? You see the ad and, to [...]