Just three times a week, please

On my way down to New Orleans for Memorial Day I read that the New Orleans Times Picayune will no longer publish seven days a week.  To save money, it’ll hit driveways on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays only.

I was on the flight down when I got the news.  On wifi.  On my computer.

See [...]

Newspapers and publishers should exit the distribution business

Before digital, newspapers were in two businesses:  content creation (news) and distribution (paper).

Maybe now would be a good time to consider exiting the distribution business.

This would have been impossible to imagine in print.  But in digital, it’s pretty simple.

The current model is something like this:  write a bunch of stories, put them on [...]

The New York Times vs Penguin Books in digital: looks like youth wins round one.

Considering two very different responses to the opportunities digital presents publishers, the disruption in our midst may reshuffle the power, popularity and, possibly, the very presence, of some of our most cherished media brands and institutions.

Imagine your partner has fallen deeply in love with two or three of your most prominent, defining traits.  [...]

The iPad won’t save publishers, or anyone else


Like Benjamin Franklin practically said:  Apple helps people who help themselves.  (They crush people who don’t, by the way.)

All the talk of iPad-as-savior reminds me of those commercials promising weight loss without proper diet and exercise.  It’s a fantasy.

The iPad isn’t a pill publishers can take and, presto, become attractive.  It’s going to [...]

Time Inc Buys StyleFeeder, Gives Away Objectivity?

Time Inc. will start making more money from its online properties like InStyle.com by taking a cut of transactions that happen on StyleFeeder (above), which they are buying for “well in to eight figures” (as in $xx,ooo,ooo) according to today’s Wall Street Journal.

StyleFeeder is an online “personal shopping” site that helps tailor the [...]

New York Times and Cisco Hit Online Advertising Trifecta: Strategic, Useful and Disruptive!

If you haven’t already, you should check out today’s online version of the New York Times (nyt.com) to see one of the best, most important developments in online advertising to date.

Today’s online edition features an expandable ad unit from Cisco (shown above) that hits a rare online advertising trifecta:  it is strategic, useful [...]

Sports Illustrated: Fantastic Showcase for Tablets (Murdoch Smiles)

Consider this another installment in the “Newspaper:  a contradiction in terms” saga (you can’t be in the news business and be on paper, so ditch the news or the paper).  I thought magazines may get a stay of execution since their content isn’t quite so time sensitive.  Now, seeing this new demo from [...]

Newspaper: a Contradiction in Terms

The fact that newspapers are bleeding to death is old news. The question is: can something be done to take them off life support and prevent what some say is their inevitable demise?

Over the last few [...]