Publishers dug the banner hole. Time to dig themselves out.

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About a thousand of us watched a digital ad presentation recently, giant screen looming behind the speaker featuring that day’s Yahoo! home page.  “Who was the advertiser on that page?” the speaker asked as the slide faded a minute later.  Dead silence.  Nobody had noticed.

Whose fault is that?

I’ve heard [...]

Not dead yet: too early to give up on an ad-supported web content model

(CW Network announces they’ll double their online ad load)

At the OMMA Global conference in San Francisco last week I saw a panel debate the “free vs paid” content model for big media.  The platform gave voice to a growing chorus singing the death of an ad-supported online content model.

But the conclusion [...] saved my Saturday night but can it save itself? Please hurry.

(Above:  screen grab of ABC’s Modern Family, full-screen view, from

I’ve seen this movie before.  It doesn’t end well for everyone.

We moved to Brooklyn (Park Slope) this weekend from the Upper West Side.  Pick a cliche.  It fits.

Our cable TV was not working (shocker – we have Time Warner).  While I [...]

Advertisers Won’t Pay Much To Be Ignored, So Welcome A Better Mobile Ad Unit

More intrusive, engaging and pervasive advertising — now on our smart phones!

Crisp Wireless just launched a new product called “Adhesion” (clever name, right?) that stays with you as you scroll on your smart phone (see picture above).  That means the ad  stays more visible to the user for longer.  I love it!

I’m not [...]

Time Inc Buys StyleFeeder, Gives Away Objectivity?

Time Inc. will start making more money from its online properties like by taking a cut of transactions that happen on StyleFeeder (above), which they are buying for “well in to eight figures” (as in $xx,ooo,ooo) according to today’s Wall Street Journal.

StyleFeeder is an online “personal shopping” site that helps tailor the [...]

New York Times and Cisco Hit Online Advertising Trifecta: Strategic, Useful and Disruptive!

If you haven’t already, you should check out today’s online version of the New York Times ( to see one of the best, most important developments in online advertising to date.

Today’s online edition features an expandable ad unit from Cisco (shown above) that hits a rare online advertising trifecta:  it is strategic, useful [...]

Paywatch Alert: YouTube

According to Reuters on Dec. 15th, 2009:  “YouTube is considering offering users the option to pay for subscriptions in a bid to encourage more media companies to license premium TV shows and movies to the popular online video site, a senior executive said.”  Click here for full article.


You’ll Pay for This! (Hopefully.) Welcome to Paywatch

(Baywatch, above.? Not Paywatch, but close)

By now you know I don’t believe in free.? I think it’s ridiculous and unsustainable that so much great content is available for nothing online.? If it costs money to create something, people need to pay to get it.? Otherwise, it must go away.

We don’t live [...]

Murdoch Keeps Driving the It-Ain’t-Free Train

From today’s article (above):?? ?There is real tension surrounding the free versus pay debate,” Mr Miller told the Monaco Media Forum on Friday. “It will play out in the next two years. We believe that the value of high quality content is not recognised online (by [...]

Watch the Ad! No, Wait, Skip the Ad!

Two days ago CBS Interactive announced a new, more intrusive online display ad unit called “Lightbox” (above).? Today, Brian Morrissey at AdWeek reports Google’s going to make ads skip-able on YouTube (below).

We’ve seen this before.? In 1920 Dr. Dolittle encountered a new breed called the Pushmi-pullyu (pron. “push-me-pull-you,” below).? It went nowhere.? Coincidence?

Dr. [...]