The iPad won’t save publishers, or anyone else


Like Benjamin Franklin practically said:  Apple helps people who help themselves.  (They crush people who don’t, by the way.)

All the talk of iPad-as-savior reminds me of those commercials promising weight loss without proper diet and exercise.  It’s a fantasy.

The iPad isn’t a pill publishers can take and, presto, become attractive.  It’s going to [...]

Paywatch ($$$$): GQ – $2.99 and It’s Yours on an iPhone/iTouch

Just when I thought the iPhone/iTouch might be a bit wee for magazines to use as their interim un-walled tablet (as opposed to Kindle, etc.), I’m reminded that hot babes nearly nude, especially famous ones, sell. On just about any-size screen.

So, 4 $$$$s to Conde Nast for naming a price and [...]

Le Tablet. Europe Enters the Save-the-Magazine Fray

Swedish magazine publisher Bonnier worked with London design shop BERG and just presented their prototype tablet/concept (above) called Mag+ (click here for demo).

I agree with Robert Andrews (@robertandrews) who published a brief PaidContent write-up on this today: what’s with all the standalone readers?

I’m psyched the mags are figuring out how to save themselves. [...]

You’ll Pay for This! (Hopefully.) Welcome to Paywatch

(Baywatch, above.? Not Paywatch, but close)

By now you know I don’t believe in free.? I think it’s ridiculous and unsustainable that so much great content is available for nothing online.? If it costs money to create something, people need to pay to get it.? Otherwise, it must go away.

We don’t live [...]

Sports Illustrated: Fantastic Showcase for Tablets (Murdoch Smiles)

Consider this another installment in the “Newspaper:  a contradiction in terms” saga (you can’t be in the news business and be on paper, so ditch the news or the paper).  I thought magazines may get a stay of execution since their content isn’t quite so time sensitive.  Now, seeing this new demo from [...]