Yahoo! Finally, a digital ad brands will love.

There’s been a lot said lately about what Yahoo! has done wrong.  Here’s something they’re doing right!

Yesterday, they introduced what they’re calling the Yahoo Living Ad unit for tablets.  Finally, someone is creating ad units that not only take advantage of what digital has to offer (rich, storytelling experiences AND interactivity), [...]

The New York Times vs Penguin Books in digital: looks like youth wins round one.

Considering two very different responses to the opportunities digital presents publishers, the disruption in our midst may reshuffle the power, popularity and, possibly, the very presence, of some of our most cherished media brands and institutions.

Imagine your partner has fallen deeply in love with two or three of your most prominent, defining traits.  [...]

Take two tablets and call me when Apple announces something

It’s tablet-mania now as everyone with an internal processor and flat screen manufacturer launches, or announces the launch of, a new, magazine-sized, flat computer.

Did I say everyone?  I meant everyone except Apple.  Want me to wake you up when they turn up?  I mean, really, who cares until we see what they’ve got.

But [...]

Paywatch ($$$$): News Corp — Murdoch Making Good On Promise To Charge

News Corp and Sony hugged today. Very shortly, after you buy Sony’s e-reader for $399, you can pay some more ($14.99/month) to get the WSJ on it, some more ($5.00/month) to get a little extra at day’s end (WSJ PLUS), some more ($10.99/month) for MarketWatch, and some more ($9.99/month) to get the NY [...]

Le Tablet. Europe Enters the Save-the-Magazine Fray

Swedish magazine publisher Bonnier worked with London design shop BERG and just presented their prototype tablet/concept (above) called Mag+ (click here for demo).

I agree with Robert Andrews (@robertandrews) who published a brief PaidContent write-up on this today: what’s with all the standalone readers?

I’m psyched the mags are figuring out how to save themselves. [...]

Sports Illustrated: Fantastic Showcase for Tablets (Murdoch Smiles)

Consider this another installment in the “Newspaper:  a contradiction in terms” saga (you can’t be in the news business and be on paper, so ditch the news or the paper).  I thought magazines may get a stay of execution since their content isn’t quite so time sensitive.  Now, seeing this new demo from [...]