Today’s agencies are albums in an iTunes world

I love the song Strawberry Letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson but I had to buy the whole album to get it

Maybe the answer to the agency problem isn’t an agency.  At least, not in the way we’ve always thought about them.

Agencies today are like albums in an iTunes world.   But the [...]

Augmented Reality: Ad Fad. Profound Utility.

Augmented reality (AR) is working its way up the buzz chain.? Is it a fad or for real?

That depends on the definition.? Augmented reality, as a concept, covers a lot of ground (and we’re not even touching collegiate “experimentation”).? For the unfamiliar, keep reading — examples are forthcoming.

In marketing terms, AR splits between [...]

Sports Illustrated: Fantastic Showcase for Tablets (Murdoch Smiles)

Consider this another installment in the “Newspaper:  a contradiction in terms” saga (you can’t be in the news business and be on paper, so ditch the news or the paper).  I thought magazines may get a stay of execution since their content isn’t quite so time sensitive.  Now, seeing this new demo from [...]

$1 Billion of Virtually Nothing

BBC News reports Americans will spend $1 billion on “add-ons for online games, digital gifts and other items that exist only as data” in 2009.? That number should double in 2010 (

And that’s just the US.? Current reports put the global market at $5.5 billion, thanks largely to gaming growth in Asia.

Can’t go [...]

Love Seeing More Interactive In Interactive Advertising

One day soon we’ll all watch TV and, instead of ignoring ads, we’ll be diving into them — learning more, engaging with the video itself and getting sucked into some great experiences that advertisers will make available for us — all within the ad unit on our screen.? Or, well, something [...]

Welcome the “Macrostitial” — Because the Real Money is in Emotion

Purists may hate this one but advertisers and publishers should love it:? an online ad that is really a mini website right on the page — letting people engage deeply with brands/products without ever leaving the ad.? I believe this is the future, and we will eventually see this type of advertising in [...]

Novelty Is Not Utility: New Display Ads Cool, But So Was Second Life

Read the press release at

Recent articles applaud a new online ad campaign featuring Cooliris’ image viewing platform.? It takes a new way of looking at images (imagine an endless video wall that moves around and shifts angles with your cursor), and introduces ad units within the same display (as shown in [...]

Launch a banner ad campaign in five minutes and $30

Yahoo! launched a service? (see below) this week that lets anyone quickly create a display banner ad from customizable templates and then buy a targeted media program (think SpotRunner for banner ads).? It’s easy to dismiss this as dreck — junky, nasty, pathetic, awful creative.? Harder to ignore the 0.57% click-through rate (CTR) [...]

Heads Up Display for Life

You may not know where you are or what (or who) is around, but your phone does.? A new application called Layar from SPRXmobile made it into public last week.? Here’s a quick blurb from Engadget explaining what it can do.? This will be big.? The opportunities are endless.

Video: Hands-on with SPRXmobile’s Layar [...]