You get what you pay for, unless it's online…

I believe the current internet is a great deal for people but pretty lousy? for advertisers.? We get SO MUCH great stuff online and we don’t have to pay much for it at all.? Yet.? “Long Tail” author Chris Anderson has published a book on this subject:? “Free:? The Future of a Radical [...]

Video sugar helps the medicine go down

Hard to argue with the notion that video strengthens brand messaging — the radio guys of the ’40s would surely agree (see new study released today by DoubleClick and Dynamic Logic — OK, yes, they may not be exactly dispassionate 3rd parties on the topic, but neither am I).??? The key, as they [...]

Launch a banner ad campaign in five minutes and $30

Yahoo! launched a service? (see below) this week that lets anyone quickly create a display banner ad from customizable templates and then buy a targeted media program (think SpotRunner for banner ads).? It’s easy to dismiss this as dreck — junky, nasty, pathetic, awful creative.? Harder to ignore the 0.57% click-through rate (CTR) [...]

Heads Up Display for Life

You may not know where you are or what (or who) is around, but your phone does.? A new application called Layar from SPRXmobile made it into public last week.? Here’s a quick blurb from Engadget explaining what it can do.? This will be big.? The opportunities are endless.

Video: Hands-on with SPRXmobile’s Layar [...]