Social Media — Caught in No-Man’s Land?

Traffic to social media sites is skyrocketing but ad spend on the same sites is declining? (see eMarketer report:

The numbers defy ordinary explanation.? Neither the recession nor the shortcomings of the social media sites can explain the massive gap between audience growth and ad spend decline.

I think social media is stuck in [...]

Finally, more ads in online programming

Finally, a full slate of commercials in online shows.? This is where we’re headed.? People will moan and groan.? Purists will damn the defiling of their online sanctuary.? But, c’mon, why should we get to watch commercial-free (or -light) programming online?? The delivery mechanism doesn’t change the basic content, so why should the [...]

Banners are a Bargain

Only billboards are cheaper than banners on a CPM basis, as eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey reports in his recent (and very worthwhile) report on the state of online brand measurement (think:? mess).? At a $2.46 CPM, here’s how banners compare:

The full report is here:?

It’s easy to trash banners.? I do it.? They’re [...]

Don't confuse audience with customer when talking "free"

Hmmm.? I want to agree wholeheartedly with this post from Mark Cuban on his blog yesterday but can’t go all the way there.? I do agree that “free” is an unsustainable business model.?? Who wouldn’t?? And I, too, believe free-flowing investments have created a certain addiction to hope:? get eyeballs first and then [...]

Bigger banners are inevitable

Once you’ve had something for free it sucks to pay for it.? Oh well.? Most people would prefer advertising not intrude on our browsing experience.? I understand.? I wish American Express would stop intruding on my dining experiences.? We’re going to pay for valuable online content somehow, like with our attention to [...]