Can’t Keep Good Content Down

Good content in the Internet era is like water in the Mississippi:? try as we might, we can’t keep it down.? And, just like the debate surged over levees, spillways and channels preceding the Great Flood of 1927 (, the real issue is money.

If you pay gazillions for the rights to, say, every [...]

Novelty Is Not Utility: New Display Ads Cool, But So Was Second Life

Read the press release at

Recent articles applaud a new online ad campaign featuring Cooliris’ image viewing platform.? It takes a new way of looking at images (imagine an endless video wall that moves around and shifts angles with your cursor), and introduces ad units within the same display (as shown in [...]

Ads Suck Less On These Sites Than On Those (link to the OPA press release highlighting the new research)

All these years I thought it was the actual ADVERTISING that persuaded people to go buy my clients’ products.? Now, thanks to research by the OPA, I see that all I really need to do is put my ads in the right place [...]

More Fuel for the “It Ain’t Free” Train

Mr. Murdoch says it all right here:? “‘Quality journalism is not cheap,’ said Murdoch. ‘The digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive distribution channels but it has not made content free. We intend to charge for all our news websites.’”

A reckoning is upon us and this recession will accelerate it.? The notion [...]

From Demography to Propensity

This is where we’re headed.? If I’m trying to sell you something, the most important thing to me isn’t your age, income, race, marital status, sexual preference, education level or number of children and cats in the home.? These have been approximations in the absence of better information and ability to target.? What [...]