Welcome the “Macrostitial” — Because the Real Money is in Emotion

Purists may hate this one but advertisers and publishers should love it:? an online ad that is really a mini website right on the page — letting people engage deeply with brands/products without ever leaving the ad.? I believe this is the future, and we will eventually see this type of advertising in [...]

Bigger Banners Are Inevitable (and Good), Part 2

(see? the above at:? http://www.federatedmedia.net/ourwork/adstamp/)

The real untapped opportunity for digital is persuasion.? That magical, hard-to-measure ability to get someone to FEEL something great about a product or brand.? It’s emotional.? Traditional media rules in this regard, thus far.? We can all think of a great TV spot.? You see the ad and, to [...]