$1 Billion of Virtually Nothing

BBC News reports Americans will spend $1 billion on “add-ons for online games, digital gifts and other items that exist only as data” in 2009.? That number should double in 2010 (http://bit.ly/3QW7uK).

And that’s just the US.? Current reports put the global market at $5.5 billion, thanks largely to gaming growth in Asia.

Can’t go [...]

It’s Official: the Creative Matters

Shocker:? better creative drives better results in digital advertising — this from a new Dynamic Logic study (http://bit.ly/3FdbJr).? You know we’ve taken our eye off the ball when only an “analysis of over 170,000 online creative executions” keeps us from cramming next year’s marketing platform into a six-frame banner ad.

The gazillion-dollar question is, [...]

Love Seeing More Interactive In Interactive Advertising

One day soon we’ll all watch TV and, instead of ignoring ads, we’ll be diving into them — learning more, engaging with the video itself and getting sucked into some great experiences that advertisers will make available for us — all within the ad unit on our screen.? Or, well, something [...]