So Easy Even a Caveman, I Mean Algorithm, Could Do It

If only creating great advertising were as easy as matching the right color tops with bottoms.

Google announced last week their intent to buy Teracent (below), which claims to make better banner ads by swapping ad elements (words, pictures, that sort of thing) based on various factors like [...]

Newspaper: a Contradiction in Terms

The fact that newspapers are bleeding to death is old news. The question is: can something be done to take them off life support and prevent what some say is their inevitable demise?

Over the last few [...]

I Smell Bacon! You Know When It’s (a) Real (smart social media campaign)

1)  Create a strong campaign idea (You Know When It’s Real), leading to a celebration of the food and, in this case, BACON!!  Turn (above) into a brand platform that drives people into a participatory (social media) experience (Turn Your Love For Bacon Into Cash — below).

2) Create games, contests and content [...]

Murdoch Keeps Driving the It-Ain’t-Free Train

From today’s article (above):?? ?There is real tension surrounding the free versus pay debate,” Mr Miller told the Monaco Media Forum on Friday. “It will play out in the next two years. We believe that the value of high quality content is not recognised online (by [...]

Watch the Ad! No, Wait, Skip the Ad!

Two days ago CBS Interactive announced a new, more intrusive online display ad unit called “Lightbox” (above).? Today, Brian Morrissey at AdWeek reports Google’s going to make ads skip-able on YouTube (below).

We’ve seen this before.? In 1920 Dr. Dolittle encountered a new breed called the Pushmi-pullyu (pron. “push-me-pull-you,” below).? It went nowhere.? Coincidence?

Dr. [...]

Are Your Tweets Good Enough For TV?

A 29-year-old with a 73-year-old dad posts funny things his dad says on Twitter, gets over 700,000 followers, a book deal and now a CBS sitcom.? Here’s the Twitter feed (warning, very adult language):?

We’ve seen talent and content cross media already, from TV to YouTube and back again, but this is the [...]

Follow The Money: Google Launches Online Retail Solution

Remember when those brief text ads for small little companies you’d never heard of started appearing alongside your search results?? That was $22 billion ago, from Google’s point of view.? Google loves small businesses.? They make a lot of money from them.? And they learn a ton from operating so low to the [...]