Advertisers Won’t Pay Much To Be Ignored, So Welcome A Better Mobile Ad Unit

More intrusive, engaging and pervasive advertising — now on our smart phones!

Crisp Wireless just launched a new product called “Adhesion” (clever name, right?) that stays with you as you scroll on your smart phone (see picture above).  That means the ad  stays more visible to the user for longer.  I love it!

I’m not [...]

Time Inc Buys StyleFeeder, Gives Away Objectivity?

Time Inc. will start making more money from its online properties like by taking a cut of transactions that happen on StyleFeeder (above), which they are buying for “well in to eight figures” (as in $xx,ooo,ooo) according to today’s Wall Street Journal.

StyleFeeder is an online “personal shopping” site that helps tailor the [...]

Another Step Forward for Interactive TV: Advertising That Gets You Involved!

The day will come when we all pause the TV show we’re watching, click on an ad, get drawn into a deep, connected, social experience that is strategic and relevant to the brand offering it, rewarding to the engaged viewer (emotionally and/or financially), and measurably linked to increase sales for the sponsor brand [...]

New York Times and Cisco Hit Online Advertising Trifecta: Strategic, Useful and Disruptive!

If you haven’t already, you should check out today’s online version of the New York Times ( to see one of the best, most important developments in online advertising to date.

Today’s online edition features an expandable ad unit from Cisco (shown above) that hits a rare online advertising trifecta:  it is strategic, useful [...]

Take two tablets and call me when Apple announces something

It’s tablet-mania now as everyone with an internal processor and flat screen manufacturer launches, or announces the launch of, a new, magazine-sized, flat computer.

Did I say everyone?  I meant everyone except Apple.  Want me to wake you up when they turn up?  I mean, really, who cares until we see what they’ve got.

But [...]