Twitter Co-founder’s Square could disrupt retailers and give brands a new sales channel: friends

You know how sometimes you come across something that grabs you even if you don’t quite get it?  It’s right for something and you want it but can’t figure out why you need it or what you would do with it?  A couple sport coats waiting for their break-out moment from my closet [...]

Will Apple do to cable what it did to CDs? Talk about un-bundling…!

(Above:  Partial list of Time Warner Cable channel line-up for NYC)

Imagine selecting the 18 items you want at the grocery story and, at checkout, someone dumps 112 things you don’t want on the belt AND forces you to buy them.

You’d call the police.

Now, let’s talk about cable TV.

The average American household [...]

The iPad won’t save publishers, or anyone else


Like Benjamin Franklin practically said:  Apple helps people who help themselves.  (They crush people who don’t, by the way.)

All the talk of iPad-as-savior reminds me of those commercials promising weight loss without proper diet and exercise.  It’s a fantasy.

The iPad isn’t a pill publishers can take and, presto, become attractive.  It’s going to [...] saved my Saturday night but can it save itself? Please hurry.

(Above:  screen grab of ABC’s Modern Family, full-screen view, from

I’ve seen this movie before.  It doesn’t end well for everyone.

We moved to Brooklyn (Park Slope) this weekend from the Upper West Side.  Pick a cliche.  It fits.

Our cable TV was not working (shocker – we have Time Warner).  While I [...]