Irrational exuberance in Internet adland? Facebook made $3.15 billion from ads last year as an “afterthought”

By now you know Facebook filed yesterday to go public.  I learned about it on Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, Digiday Editor-In-Chief Brian Morrissey astutely posted five initial thoughts about Facebook advertising.

He got me thinking:  Facebook sees advertising as, basically, an “afterthought,” and, yet, they did $3.15 billion in advertising last year.

Pity the rest of us [...]

8th graders know why brand money isn’t online; surely website publishers can figure it out

Every March I teach five 30-minute classes to 8th graders during career day for the Fresh Air Fund in NYC.  I always start the same way:  tell me about your favorite ads.  Hands shoot up.  This year:

“Geico!” (sexy grandpa)  “Doritos!”  (finger licking good)  “Sun Drop!” (drop it like it’s hot).

Then I ask what [...]

I Smell Bacon! You Know When It’s (a) Real (smart social media campaign)

1)  Create a strong campaign idea (You Know When It’s Real), leading to a celebration of the food and, in this case, BACON!!  Turn (above) into a brand platform that drives people into a participatory (social media) experience (Turn Your Love For Bacon Into Cash — below).

2) Create games, contests and content [...]