There’s no such thing as a banner campaign

(As published by Digiday August 13th, 2012)

We refer to campaigns so often in advertising that it’s easy to forget that presidential elections and, before that, war owned the term. It ties together, usage-wise. War, politics, advertising. A campaign is about beating someone. It is waged. Right there you know it’s special.

We don’t [...]

Brands should move banner money into spam and junk mail

The average response rate for junk mail is 1.38%.

The average click-through rate for marketing email is 6.64%

The average open rate for a thirty-second television commercial is…oh, right, we don’t measure TV spots that way.  Yet.

But that’s precisely how we assign value to ads on humankinds’ most immersive and engaging medium to date.

The average [...]

Welcome the “Macrostitial” — Because the Real Money is in Emotion

Purists may hate this one but advertisers and publishers should love it:? an online ad that is really a mini website right on the page — letting people engage deeply with brands/products without ever leaving the ad.? I believe this is the future, and we will eventually see this type of advertising in [...]

Bigger Banners Are Inevitable (and Good), Part 2

(see? the above at:?

The real untapped opportunity for digital is persuasion.? That magical, hard-to-measure ability to get someone to FEEL something great about a product or brand.? It’s emotional.? Traditional media rules in this regard, thus far.? We can all think of a great TV spot.? You see the ad and, to [...]

Finally, more ads in online programming

Finally, a full slate of commercials in online shows.? This is where we’re headed.? People will moan and groan.? Purists will damn the defiling of their online sanctuary.? But, c’mon, why should we get to watch commercial-free (or -light) programming online?? The delivery mechanism doesn’t change the basic content, so why should the [...]